Foster Care Program

The Residential Care Program at Family Ministries

Family Ministries Foster Care is now certified by the Department of Children and Families to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to become confident and well-prepared foster parents.
Since 1976, Family Ministries has been serving and building relationships with families throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Children who cannot live with their families for one reason or another attend our residential program or live in one of our foster homes.
The vision of Family Ministries has always been to have the resources to develop a spiritual character in the youth we serve. This is done through our threefold policy:

Work Hard

Children who learn a good work ethic at a young age benefit in more than just their future career.

Play Hard

We believe in playing just as hard as we work, if it’s sports or a camping trip, we are always up to something.

Pray Hard

We teach all children the necessity and power of prayer and a relationship with God.

The 5 Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent

1. Pray to ask if this is God’s calling for your family
2. Contact Family Ministries Foster Care
3. Attend orientation
4. Attend professional parenting classes
5. Take part in a home study and family assessment
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Students attend Legacy Christian Academy

Legacy Christian Academy is a Bible-based Christian school offering an individualized curriculum to grades K-12. LCA is registered with the Florida Department of Education and accredited by the Florida Council of Private Schools. At LCA, we utilize a mastery-based curriculum, in which the student sets his or her own educational goals while being guided by professional Christian staff.
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Learn How You Can Become a Foster Parent

131 New Legacy Dr.
Seffner, FL 33584
Phone: (813) 681-1942
Fax: (813) 681-6836
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